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Did you know that we can treat all skin types with VI’s chemical peel line? Get Glowing and Keep Glowing™ with a VI Peel! The #1 Chemical Peel for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, nurses, and estheticians worldwide is designed to target pigmentation, acne, and aging via a painless, effective treatment only available through authorized clinicians.
1. Once your practitioner assesses your goals, they will apply one of VI Peel’s unique chemical peel formula options. This painless application involves sweeping strokes of a liquid formula via a gauze, with time in between each layer for the product to absorb and the technician to assess your skin’s reaction.
2. Once the product is applied, you might look a little flush or even a little tan. Patients often say they looked like they were glowing!
3. Post Treatment- Your practitioner will provide you with a take-home kit with specific post-treatment instructions and skin care products to ensure the best VI Peel experience. Including in the kit is a QR code for our App which helps you care for your skin and track your progress. A typical post-peel will show some flaking by day 2 and peeling by day 3 – 5. By day 6, the peeling will ease. By day 7, most patients have stopped peel and that fresh glowing skin on full display!
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