Sierra Hexamer, RN Cosmetic Injector

Sierra Hexamer, RN / Cosmetic Injector

Sierra, originally from Clarksville, TN, brings a wealth of experience to Bella despite being new to the locale. Her journey in the aesthetics industry began when she earned her nursing degree in 2017 and embarked on a career as an ICU and surgical nurse in Nashville, TN, specializing in plastic surgery.

Working alongside one of Nashville’s top-rated plastic surgeons ignited Sierra’s passion for aesthetics. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Sierra offers Bella’s clients a comprehensive range of treatments, from detailed facial analyses to precise injectable procedures and personalized skincare regimens.

Sierra’s philosophy revolves around the belief that confidence is the cornerstone of beauty. She is dedicated to empowering individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, striving to help them shine their brightest.

Continuously seeking to stay at the forefront of her field, Sierra remains committed to ongoing education and training, ensuring that her clients benefit from the latest advancements and techniques in the industry.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sierra finds joy in travel, adventure, and quality time with her husband, Shane, and their three children.


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