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Put an End to Tattoo Regret

Tattoos are popular for expressing passions, beliefs, and personalities. Unfortunately, tattoos are permanent, and once you have changed your mind about a tattoo, it is very difficult to remove. For many people who received tattoos on impulse or chose a symbol that is no longer relevant in their modern lives, tattoo removal may be a viable solution. Surgical removal of tattoos was once the only way of permanently removing a tattoo. However, surgical removal is very invasive, leaves scars, and is very painful. There is a non-surgical and non-invasive solution. At Bella Med Spa, we offer safe, effective tattoo removal performed by highly trained aestheticians.

The FDA has approved the Qswitched ND:Yag laser for tattoo removal. Our aestheticians will use multiple wavelengths that will pass into the skin and absorb a specific ink color. The treatment is customized for each patient and individual tattoos.

There are many tattoo removal options, and the number of treatments required for complete removal may vary. Pricing of tattoo removal will be discussed with a licensed aesthetician during a complimentary consultation.

The color, depth, and chemical makeup of your tattoo will determine the safety and effectiveness of removal. Note that black is the easiest tattoo to remove and greens and blues are more difficult to remove.

After each laser therapy session, you can expect to see some degree of fading. Some scabbing or blistering may occur. Blistering is temporary and should not be a cause of concern. It will take many laser sessions to remove your tattoo.

  • Do not use photosynthesizing medications while you are being treated,
  • Do not use self-tanning,
  • Stay out of the sun seven days before and after treatments,
  • Patients with active infections cannot be treated.

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